Landscaping - Page 02
February 28, 2003

The rocks have been painted with the final colour. 

Mars 02, 2003

Grass is growing....

Bushes and small trees have been added.
Mars 10, 2003

The last corner in the briefcase has been made.

Now the landscape is almost complete.

The big question is now: What kind of structure can I place in the center of this layout? Industri? What kind? It must not be to dominating. The space is smaller than it looks on the picture...

I am open for suggestions!

And here is a good suggestion from Bill Hoshiko: I would suggest a giant lima bean farm.  A farm that produces giant lima beans.  One lima bean should fill one short gondola.

Freight in would be seeds and fertilizer.  This would be brought in by trucks entering under your bridge.

Finished product, giant lima beans could be shipped out.  The lima beans could be carried to your narrow gauge train and dropped into the mine where they are
converted into gold.  A totaly secret process. I don't even know how they do that.

This valley has a special soil to grow these giant lima beans and this is the only place in the entire world that they can be grown.

You need a farmer with horse or tractor and some other type of farm implement.

Structures would be some kind of loading structure to get the bean into the gondola.  Could be a ramp or a hoist.

You could choose your own vegetable.  I just thought Lima Bean?

I am not such a fan of briefcase layouts but your's has stirred some hidden energies inside my mind.

Thank you very much,

El Toro, CA