The hobby show in Oslo 2002
October 19-20.

I'm sorry that my English grammar is not so good, but I'm sure you can understand anyway. 

This Years Norwegian Hobby Show was on location at Skedsmohallen of Lillestrøm north of Oslo.

For me it was the first time to participate with a layout in a show like this. I must say it was very nice to meet so many people I know from the internet.

I had lots of possitive reactions from the visitors. As you can see from the pictures, i built at platform which I covered with a carpet. It is also my own sofa.

I noticed that a lot of women were very found of the smal cute trains. They really wanted to have at coffee table like this at home!

I also spoke with a lot of men who told med that they had z-scale starter sets at home. Now that they could see that it actually is possible to build a "real" layout even in a coffee table, they told me they wanted to do something simulare.

The trais ran well all the weekend, and only a few minor incidents where the locos stalled on a switch happend.


Photo: Svein-Martin Holt (Point for larger version)


The Picture to the right is from the leading newspaper in Norway.


Not IKEA: Heine Pedersen from Sarpsborg showed his modelrailway in a coffee table at the Hobby Show at Skedsmohallen this weekend. - When I have visitors that are not found of trains, I just cover it up, says Pedersen.

This picture was the only report from the show.

Photo: Lars Byman

Photo: Tore Urvik

From VG - Norways leading newspaper - october 21 2002
 The hobby show in Stockholm 2002
November 1-3.

Since my participation to the show in Oslo was so successfull, I was invited to the Hobby Show in Stockholm by Anders Eriksson at  AE's Z-tåg Åby

He covered my expences to travel the more than 500 kilometers journey to Stockholm.

The show had about 17.000 visitors in three days.

This time the trains ran perfect all three days. It was about 24 hours of operation. I cleaned the tracks every morning. That was all that had to be done for perfect operation.

Swedish digital expert Rutger Friberg was one of them who was impressed of the smooth and reliable running of the small trains. 

This picture was taken before the doors where opened to the crowds.

...And here they are. It was like this for three days.
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